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Fragrance For Every Room: Bathroom


The final post in our “Choosing the Right Scent” Series is about the Bathroom.


Over the years, the Bathroom has gone through many transitions. We are now living in a time where this room has been elevated to a high status place of importance (think the additions of saunas, spas, waterfall shower heads, etc…)


This makes the Bathroom a perfect place to create your own spa-like atmosphere!


The key to fragrance in this room is to keep it clean. Citrus, lemongrass, chamomile and even ocean-themed fragrances can create the perfect environment for a relaxing bath or shower. Avoid heavy, powerful scents, as they can become especially overwhelming in small rooms.


Most Bathrooms tend to be smaller areas, making the use of a quality candle especially important. This is also an important reason to be aware of the aroma you choose to use in this room.


What are some of your favorite fragrances you use in your Bathroom? Feel free to leave us a comment, we’d love to hear how you incorporate candles to help your world smell more delicious!

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