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Mother’s Day Flower Meanings


Flowers continue to be a are a very popular and traditional way of showing mom you love her. Not only are they lovely and smell amazing, each type of flower has a special meaning. Here are some traditional and unique flowers that may help you to convey the message you want to share with your mom or a  special mom figure in your life (as well as some BONUS tips on choosing colors!)


  • Carnations – Carnations represent Mother’s Day like roses represent Valentine’s Day, and are symbolic of a mother’s eternal love. These flowers are probably the most traditional Mother’s Day flower.

  • Tulips – Tulips tend to be associated with life, grace, beauty and Spring. These flowers are always a popular option for Mother’s Day.

  • Lilacs – Lilacs are an elegant choice for Mother’s Day. These beautiful flowers symbolize love and signify love between mother and child.

  • Roses – Roses have long been associated with love and motherhood, making them a popular choice for Mother’s Day. A lovely bouquet of rose blooms sends a message of gratitude.

  • Violets – Violets are a Springtime flower that signifies faithfulness and devotion. These flowers can provide a lasting reminder of appreciation for a mother’s devotion

  • Lilies and Calla Lilies-  Lilies are beloved by many mothers and come in a number of different varieties. Though normally considered Easter flowers, lilies are often used on Mother’s Day as they symbolize motherhood, purity, beauty.

  • Irises – The iris symbolizes affection, warmth, eloquence and wisdom. These gorgeous flowers come in a rainbow of colors.

  • Sunflowers – Sunflowers are a bright and cheerful flower, making a colorful addition to a bouquet. These fun flowers are symbolic of adoration and respect.

  • Daisies – Daisies are joyful flowers. These blooms symbolize beauty, loyalty, cheerfulness and playfulness.

  • Orchids – Orchids are an exotic flower symbolizing love, beauty and refinement.  These flowers are a unique gift for Mother’s Day.


Not sure which flower to pick? Play around with colors!


While the color pink is traditionally considered a symbol of a mother’s love, you don’t need to stop there. Consider these colors and their meanings:

  • Pink is symbolic of gratitude, love, innocence, love, thoughtfulness and gentleness

  • Red is symbolic of admiration, love and passion

  • Blue is symbolic of inspiration, hope and serenity

  • White is symbolic of remembrance, purity, truth and perfection

  • Yellow is symbolic of friendship, joy, trust, compassion and respect

  • Purple is symbolic of grace, appreciation, wisdom and elegance


This year, Mother’s Day is Sunday May 14th. Whether you’re choosing a gift for your mother or another special woman in your life, you can help her celebrate this special day with flowers that express just how much she means to you. Flowers are an aromatic and gorgeous way to show your gratitude, and is always a great and thoughtful gift.

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