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So Many Reasons To Celebrate!


At the beginning of 2017, we were nominated for the Indie Business Network   “2016 Artisan Entrepreneur of the Year” Award. We are SO EXCITED to announce that Fragrant Elegance Soy Candle Company was one of the winners! 




The winners were selected to represent six categories that uniquely reflect the creativity and innovative spirit of the Artisan Entrepreneur:

• artisan product(s)
• product photography
• Instagram imagery
• inspiring storytelling
• website user experience
• community engagement and customer service


People sometimes ask us what company we work for, whose product we sell and which catalogs. Though these are rather nice compliments, many people miss that Fragrant Elegance Soy Candle Company is an independent (indie) artisan brand. This means that we source and handcraft each product ourselves. We do not rely on big box stores or mass market production. We sell niche products we make with our own hands.



A huge thank you to all of our loyal fans, customers and supporters who voted for us- we truly feel blessed. We wholeheartedly believe that we are “blessed to be a blessing”, it takes one act of kindness to change a person’s life. It’s wonderful to know that you are enjoying our luxurious home fragrance products and joining in with our passion to change lives by giving back to those who are homeless and in need.


As our company grows, so does our excitement for more people to experience the Fragrant Elegance brand! Please come connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.



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