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Fragrant Spring Cleaning Tips


Have you started your Spring cleaning? For many, the thought of deep cleaning their home with conventional cleaners containing chemicals can be nerve wracking. Common household cleaners can contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your health, making spring cleaning an even more dreadful task.


This Spring, try going green in your cleaning! Certain essential oils have antimicrobial properties and can be useful in creating safe, eco-friendly cleaning products. Essential oils are naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial, and many can safely be mixed with vinegar for a natural and effective cleaning solutions. You can even choose what scents you like best and combine them to both take advantage of their unique properties and make your whole home smell amazing.


Check out these popular essential oils:


Tea Tree Oil:

Tea Tree oil is also known as meleleuca. Can be helpful against mold, mildew, musty smells and areas. Think bathroom, shower or bath, and dirty laundry such as gym clothing, towels and sheets.



Lavender may not have as much antibacterial properties as other oils, but smells great. Can easily be added to your laundry wool dryer balls or any homemade cleaning solution, and used to deter insects such as moth. It has a pleasing scent that can help uplift and improve your mood.



Pine is a naturally clean fragrance. It can act as both a disinfectant and a deodorizer.


Orange Oil:

Citrus oils like orange and grapefruit not only smell great, but also make great degreasers. They are useful for cleaning up greasy stove tops and leave a pleasant aroma.


Peppermint Oil:

Peppermint has an invigorating smell, is a natural pest deterrent and has powerful antibacterial properties. Try it out when disinfecting your bathroom, toilets and kitchen surfaces. Peppermint blends well with lemon, lavender, eucalyptus or rosemary.


Lemon Oil:

Lemon oil smells fresh and clean, and is commonly added to many commercial cleaners. It can help uplift your mood, brighten floors, and possibly remove set in laundry stains.


Essential oils smell great, but they can do much more than just freshen the air! Who doesn’t love a hint of lemon or orange in the kitchen and lavender or lemongrass in the bath or bedroom. Read more about how essential oils can help you be productive while Spring cleaning on our blog post “Mood: lets Get Productive!”  

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