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The Power of Giving

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Our products help change lives!


One of our favorite quotes is “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin” (Zechariah 4:10 NLT) for how we start is not how we finish…


Some people are fortunate to come from stable homes and wonderful backgrounds, but some of us come from broken homes and suffer through rough past experiences. At times we go thru seasons of difficulty, where it seems impossible just to make ends meet. When those times overwhelm us, we are thankful for safe places like My Father’s House and Christina’s House!



These wonderful non-profit ministries do not accept government funding and rely solely on donor support. These ministries help men, women and children restore their lives. They also offer and provide housing as well as emotional, spiritual, physical support and education in the transition from homelessness and prison to permanent and stable living environments.


Thru the My Father’s House and Christina’s House programs we begin to see lives changed and transformations taking place. Fathers, mothers, sons and daughters share heart-wrenching testimonies of their lives before they came to these ministries and where they are now. Listening to their stories helps you to understand their unique journeys: where they once were and what they’ve come thru to make it to where they are now.



Here at Fragrant Elegance™, we are firm believers and supporters of the work of My Father’s House and Christina’s House. Through these programs, we’ve seen lives totally transformed from abandonment, homelessness, addiction and brokenness. We’ve seen lives restored, not only for themselves, but also to the point of helping someone else in need in the place where they once were.


Thank you for joining us thru The Power of Giving!


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